SinglzSummit 2021

My Body, His Life

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Singlz' Summit 2021

Theme:My Body, His Life

As youths, we are plagued with lots of distractions and seemingly legitimate encumbrances that seek to conform us to the fashion of this present world. We are often confronted by sin and its intelligence, offering to us worldly lusts painted to be 'harmless', at the expense of losing the life we have found in Christ. But the desire of God is that we are not only aware of these devices of the enemy, but that we learn to live far above them. The Father seeks a generation of youths whose minds and thoughts have been transformed by the Word and whose feet have become firm in the learning of Christ, such that sin has no hold over their bodies. This generation is rising; a new tribe of youths who by mercy are taking back their blood bought bodies from the clench of sin and living in full consciousness that their body is meant to embody His life. Join us @ Singlz Summit 2021!